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English in Canada       

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A language and cultural experience
for boys and girls


International summer camp OttawaINTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP
3 or 4 weeks in July - August

"Within three days I had made many friends. I had a really super time in Canada with young people from so many countries. - - I spent one of the best months of my life with 'English in Canada - Destination Canada' and am happy to have improved my English as well."

For more information, see Summer Camp.


English at Rockway High SchoolENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL
5 or 10 months

"One year (or one semester) in this Canadian High School is your opportunity to meet people and get to know the country. You will easily make new friends. At the end of your stay you will speak English as naturally as a native."

For more information, see High School.



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